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Spring in the American Southwest

Travels on the Colorado Plateau
I have traveled many times from Steamboat Springs to Sedona, traversing what is known as the Colorado Plateau---a physiographic region that encompasse . . . view

Arizona Poppy Bloom Spring 2017
With all the rains of this winter and warm weather as well it seems the flower blooms in Arizona and California are not only bountiful but early. So . . . view

Colorado Fall Colors 2013 -My Top 40
It was far and away the strangest season for the fall colors in Colorado---up to two weeks later than usual and interrupted right in the middle of pea . . . view

Trip to Zion NP Fall 2013
Well, the reports from Zion for the fall colors were dire, where (as opposed to Colorado) the changing of the colors was a week to 2 weeks early. So, . . . view

Slater Creek Area Photographs
This is a newly discovered area for me, north Routt and Moffat Counties---Slater Creek and the Little Snake River and the Routt Medicine Bow National . . . view

Eight Sleeping Giant Images

Fall 2016 Selects
With little rain in July and August, it seemed the colors in western Colorado came a little early in September. And though they were very vivid, they . . . view

Off The Beaten Path
There is a place in Colorado that I go to each autumn to photograph the fall colors. And it is so off the beaten path that to my knowledge no serious . . . view

Spring Trip to Utah 2013
I thought it would be perfect weather to take the scenic route to Moab, then on to Natural Bridges, Horseshoe Canyon, Goblin Valley, and Capital Reef. . . . view

March Trip to Arizona
I had a terrific trip to the Scottsdale area of Arizona the last week of March, which coincides with the wildflower bloom in Central Arizona. It's a . . . view

12 Celestial Images from 2012
One of my ongoing projects is to photograph the Milky Way in relation to recognizable landmarks as I travel the western United States. What it takes . . . view

Zion National Park Nov. 8-10
Timing is everything when making seasonal pictures and last year I was at Zion Nov. 3-7 which seemed a little early for fall color so I waited a littl . . . view

Fall Color Collection 2012
The changing of the colors in autumn is my favorite time of year. Unfortunately in the Colorado mountains it only lasts a maximum of three weeks. Th . . . view

Early Fall Color 2012
I camped in the Pyramid/Ripple Creek Pass area of the Flat Tops this past weekend and also drove over Rabbit Ears Pass and up on Buffalo Pass Monday a . . . view

Arizona-Utah March 2012
The last week of March I drove from Steamboat down to Scottsdale to spend a few days visiting my brother, get in a game of golf and see a Rockies exhi . . . view

Zion National Park
Last week, I joined fellow nature photographer Rich Voninski for three days of shooting the fall colors in Zion National Park. Rich has been there se . . . view

Final Fall Photo Fling
Saturday, October 15 was a gorgeous day in Steamboat, and around town there were pockets of color that made me wonder if it wasn’t worth a final fall . . . view

Quest for Fall Color 2011
What has become an annual quest to document the fall colors on the Western Slope was more difficult this year and in several ways the most disappointi . . . view

Trip to Lake Tahoe
Made what has become an annual visit last week to Lake Tahoe to play in the Men's Invitational Golf Tournament as the guest of long time friend Phil W . . . view

Fall Color Photo Tips
With the annual changing of the leaves on Colorado’s Western Slope only a few weeks away, I would like to offer a series of tips to capture this autum . . . view

Epic Wild(flower) Week July 30 - August 5
With our deep snows this winter and a long, wet spring, I suspected that this could be an epic year for wildflowers in the northern part of Colorado. . . . view

Steamboat Wildflowers
July 18-While the trip to Crested Butte showed an abundance of wildflowers in and around that town and mountain, the Steamboat area also offers lots o . . . view

Trip to Crested Butte
Saw a post on the Rocky Mountain Nature Photographers forum that the wildflowers in Crested Butte were "incredible" so I decided to take your basic 36 . . . view

Lower Butler Wash
I've been planning on checking out the petroglyphs in lower Butler Wash for some time, so on my way to Scottsdale, I made the three-mile round trip hi . . . view

Moab Photo Symposium Workshop
I am leading a workshop at the Moab Photo Symposium again this spring on May 13 on Self-Publishing a photo book. I will be sharing my experience of p . . . view

Browns Park - Irish Canyon
The weekend before last, I left the Moab Photo Symposium Saturday morning to drive to Browns Park to join my Steamboat friends who were camped out at . . . view

Early Spring Flowers
June 29....Still a lot of snow in spots on Rabbit Ears Pass. But there's also places where the glacier lilies are abundant among the remaining pocket . . . view

Balanced Rock March 29
Heading for Scottsdale for a few days out of the snow, I stopped in Moab over night and went up to my favorite overlook of Balanced Rock in Arches NP . . . view

Water, Water Everywhere
July 10---met my photographer buddy Jim Talaric in the Aspen area earlier this week to explore some of the usual haunts and a few new ones. Too early . . . view

Dinosaur National Monument
Over the years, I've visited Dinosaur a number of times. Here's a selection of images from those trips. view

Quick Trip to SW Colorado
I had a book signing at Maria's Bookshop in Durango Tuesday night so left Steamboat at 9 am for the 6-7 hour drive. The cottonwoods along the way wer . . . view

Moab Photo Symposium
I am leading a workshop at the Moab Photo Symposium April 30 and May 1 on Self-Publishing a photo book. I will be sharing my experience of publishing . . . view

Fear and Loathing Trip for Poppies
It was the Wednesday before Easter and I saw this post on the Nature Photographer's forum about an extraordinary poppy bloom in SE Arizona. With noth . . . view

Photomatix Fusion
This an example of the power of using high dynamic range and Photomatix Pro's exposure fusion feature. The "normal exposure" sidelit/backlit photogra . . . view

Fall 2009
September 23---It's definitely not as good as it was a year ago. Disappointing is the only way I can describe the colors I saw around Aspen. Driving . . . view

September 29
On Tuesday I set out from Steamboat through Oak Creek canyon, over Dunkley and Ripple Creek passes and on to the Aspen area and sunset at Capital Peak . . . view

September 30
What a wild started with rain in Carbondale at 6:30 and clouds shrouding the top of Mt. Sopris but I thought maybe there'd be a break so I he . . . view

October 1
It was bright and cold, 24 degrees on Dallas Divide at 6:30 am as I waited for the morning light with maybe a dozen other photographers. Unfortunatel . . . view

October 2
What a day!!! All that was missing were some clouds to go with the clear sky, snow on the Flat Tops as soon as I ascended the Scenic Byway to Ripple . . . view

October 3-4
Early morning sun for about an hour Saturday before the clouds moved in for an extended stay. It wasn't just cloudy bright, it was dark and dreary. . . . view

Weekend in Moab
Last weekend (October 9-11) I traveled down to Moab for a photographer's gathering on Saturday---a picnic in Rotary Park where I had the opportunity t . . . view

November 12-14 - Moab & Bluff
November 12-14. I took the opportunity to go to Moab on Thursday and hiked into False Kiva in Canyonlands National Park. I had been there twice befo . . . view